Carmen Neal  ( Carmen Li )
Senior Art Director with a Heart in Art and Design

“Art and design are my passion. A deep-rooted understanding of aesthetics provides a gateway to the world market.”

Carmen understands the effectiveness of branding and design practices that engage target audiences by bridging cultural and geographic barriers. With two continents worth of experience, Carmen offers exceptionally stunning design solutions for public relations and advertising agencies, as well as direct clients.
Born and raised in Hong Kong, Carmen experienced an interesting mix of Asian tradition and colonial influence. Just before the handover of Hong Kong to the Chinese government, Carmen arrived in New York City with two suitcases and her portfolio. There she began her search for new design opportunities and was quickly recruited by a top advertising agency, Adler, Boshcetto & Peebles—now Draft Worldwide. After two years at ABP, she moved to an international packaging design firm, Nicosia Creative. Afterwards, Carmen joined Cullinane Design and managed Wall Street and Fortune 400 clients.
In 2004 Carmen set up Creasia, incorporating her unique international sensibility into her own design language. “I bring a unique perspective that sees the world through an international point of view.”
Carmen is a competitive ballroom dancer, a bikram yogi and a kickboxing fan.
Hong Kong born, New York Designer Carmen Li, Carmen Neal